– Software Implementation

Implementation of solutions may include the following platforms:

SAS, SPSS and R programming: queries, reports, data management, extraction/transformation/loading of data, etc… Our developers, designers and programmers are more often than not certified in SAS or have years of experience that make up to it.
Data Visualization/Patient Profile systems
Electronic data submissions and exchange using standards data files
Design of reuseable, standardized code using the SAS/Macro facility
Evaluation, configuration and setup of your datacenter hardware and software
Creation of data marts for data mining
Analysis of clinical, marketing, financial, insurance and product data using SAS statistical analysis software
Development of integrated data analysis, statistical analysis and business intelligence systems
Design of top-notch complex graphical reporting software with SAS/GRAPH, R graphics, SPSS, etc…
Validation of applications software and data to your requirements
Creation of user friendly interfaces with SAS/FSP, SAS/AF
, Visual Basic, C#, R, Python, PHP, Ruby, Java, etc…
Extensive use of the SAS macro facility to provide reusable software
Data warehousing, data marts, ETL, BI system administration
Data Management
Web Design for BI applications
Design and development of applications for measure taking in the context of statistical quality and process control (six sigma, TQM, etc…)
Documents, specs and reports management
  • Software solutions: SAS, SPSS, Statistica, Minitab, Matlab, R,  etc…
  • Data visualization and presentation toolsets
  • Reporting software
  • Geographical management and visualization systems
  • Data management systems: databases, data warehousing, data marts and other platforms
  • ERP/CRM applications
  • Data quality, audit and consistency tools
  • Operational applications for onsite data collection and input

We work with specialized partners for specific or very large-scale applications. We implement the most cost-effective, operational and efficient technology for any given situation.