– Data Driven Marketing & CRM

We provide quantitative and analytical support and consulting for marketing and client relationship management departments.

We make sense of all your spreadsheets and databases. We :

  • Analyze your data
  • Discover patterns and distinctive subgroups clients, patients and prospects and find relationships between behavior and products
  • Offer clear and quantitatively solid interpretations of the data and analysis results
  • Provide suggestions for best practices
  • Communicate results, findings, patterns and conclusions
For companies looking to establish a B2C brand, we are able to design, write and publish press releases:
Press Release for a partner in the Financial Services Industry

An important activity of our CRM/Marketing center of competence is quite wide: from the identification of the “best” prospects for a company,up to the identification of the “best” people to invite to a charity dinner. With “best”, we mean: “the candidates who are the most likely to buy/ to donate, and the candidates who are likely to buy/donate for the largest amount)


We have progressed from a company asking to obtain some data to a company that is experienced in obtaining, researching and analyzing data for its clients. We do provide quantitative services at several levels and for many corporate departments, very commonly for the marketing and go-to-market departments.
What can we do we do with all those spreadsheets and databases?
Our job is to make sense of it for you by:
Analyzing data gathered from surveys and studies to find patterns and relationships in your sales, perceptions of your customers, etc…
Offering clear and quantitatively backed-up interpretations and reading of the data
Utilizing rigorous methods and analytic techniques to transform results into clear language easily understood by a wide variety of audiences and stakeholders
Offering suggestions for best practices
We provide results within your timeframe, within your budget and predetermined objec