Segmentation: A Fundamental task to understand your clients

If you share any of the below questions, then market segmentation solutions will help you gain the market information your organization needs.

How do clients differ by their geographic, demographic and psychographic profiles?
Prioritize market segment entry based on segment attractiveness and organizations’ competitive advantages.

How can effective messages be conveyed to your clients ?
Understand clients’ behaviors, attitudes and perceptions so as to develop messaging that most appeal to them.

The basic approach to identify profiles of patients is via patient “market” segmentation. This is simply the process to organize your patient market into groups or homogeneous profiles.

You can combine different aspects to match your specific needs:

Segmentation Graph

  • Sociodemographic segmentation: age, gender, income, etc…
  • Geographic Segmentation: segment by region, locality, urban/suburban, etc…
  • Psychographic Segmentation: segmenting by lifestyle and social class
  • Usage of Services: frequency & typology of the use of your healthcare services.
  • Cohort segmentation: grouping people by a set of events